Podcast Creator

Coaching Program to Help You Create Your Own Podcast

Creating a podcast can be a very effective way to attract and connect with people who may be aligned with your mission. In this program we will discover the type of podcast that will work best for you, and setup the tools you need to successfully launch your podcast.

5 steps to create a successful podcast:

How long does it take?

3 sessions to clarify your audience, your mission and your brand.
2 sessions to setup your tools.
1 session to create your podcast promotion plan.
Each session lasts up to 1.5 hours.

Program duration: 2 weeks
Tuition fee: $997

Why should we work together? Can’t I figure this out myself?

Like with every other area in life, you can figure stuff out on your own. The question is – how much time and resources you’ll need to invest to get there?¬†And when you finally figure it out, what will be the quality of your results? That’s the reason that most successful people in the world get others to help them reach their goals. On the other hand, being part of this program helps you go through this process faster. At the conclusion of our work together you will have the knowledge and the tools to create a podcast that promotes your mission.

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